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Entrepreneurship engages commitment. Commitment engages an irresistible desire to construct an idea, the passion needed to transform a dream into reality, and in doing so transform a nascent thought into a new, and profitable, enterprise. Entrepreneurship is all about the determination to develop expertise, and the self-knowledge required to achieve this goal. To accomplish this, we must envision our organizational structures in the same way that an architect takes an analytical overview of a new project.

Gontran Lejeune ry Sophie Lachaux - Directeurs associés de Bienfaits & associés

At Bienfait & Associés, constituting our broad visions of what a recruitment consultant should be is defined in our method of challenging analogy.

We view effective human relations similar to the construction of a building, which must be designed as a whole rather than simply by determining resources

We believe that a successful recruitment is achieved by first developing a detailed understanding of the specific management structure and the way that people formally and informally interact within the organization. Our experience has taught us to think of human relations, rather than resources, in the same way as an architect takes great interest in determining how the selected materials for a building will interact with each other.

After 25 years, we are proud of having contributed to the creation of substantial wealth for our clients. Our commitment to innovation continues to drive the growth of our business.