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A successful recruitment is the end result of a substantial process of construction in what is a complex world.

Analysing the position and its wider ecosystem

We visit you and spend time with you to engage in a process of co-construction in which we absorb your culture and achieve a 360° level of understanding.

  • Corporate culture
  • Business sector and key figures
  • Management structure
  • The environment of the position to be filled

Discerning selection

An overall assessment of the candidate is essential in the complex world of corporate structure in which interdependence is key to success.

  • Consideration of career and achievements to date
  • Assessment of potential and suitability
  • Assessment of work experience
  • Consideration of behavioural aptitude (tests, checking of references and professional situation simulation exercises)

Decision support

We have the necessary detachment and experience to accept the risk of selection in agreement with our clients.

  • Comprehensive candidate file
  • Profile analysis and presentation
  • Decision-making input

Induction supervision

Supporting our clients, organisations and candidates beyond the stage of recruitment to ensure successful, long-term integration.

  • Tailored support
  • Management interaction
  • Candidate supervision
  • Guaranteed results


  • A service backed by a certified quality policy
  • A single point of contact
  • Absolute confidentiality
  • A contractual guarantee to cover termination
  • An ethical process (discrimination, diversity, etc.)


To ensure reliable decision-making and provide you with a clear and objective overview.

Depending on the challenges involved, we offer 2 types of service:

  • Personal appraisal (average duration: 4 hours) :
    This service includes a structured interview, a personality profile and a psychometric test
  • Individual or group assessment (average duration: one or two days)
    This service necessarily includes situation simulation and role-play exercises, as well as structured interviewing, personality profiling and psychometric testing. Where group assessments are conducted, they include group exercises (with or without allocated roles), individual situation simulation exercises, cognitive tests and personality tests.

Our areas of involvement

Our methodology




Our strengths

  • Thousands of appraisals completed
  • Consultants qualified in the use of reliable and recognised tools
  • Creation of bespoke assessment centres
  • Methods tailored to individual profiles (managers, senior managers, etc.)
  • Consideration and incorporation of challenges and context to ensure recommendation relevance
  • An integrated process, from skills benchmarking through to feedback
  • Complementary tools that combine face-to-face interviews, bespoke situation simulation exercises, psychotechnical tests, personality inventories and situation simulation exercises
  • Objective and committed feedback on the company

The expected benefits

  • Optimised talent and career management
  • A higher level of objectivity in candidate selection and promotion decisions
  • Guaranteed fair treatment of employees and employee representatives
  • Identification of training needs
  • Formalisation of targeted, efficient development plans
  • Professional development of managers and staff

Our approach

  • To identify the skills to be assessed (on the basis of an existing benchmark) or created (on the basis of a job description)
  • To define the expected level for each skill
  • To propose skills measurement tools relevant to the key dimensions defined:
    • Design of tests / exercises / role plays / case studies
    • Development of scoring matrices for each tool used
    • Preparation of a feedback document


A powerful lever for delivering long-term organizational change by applying a pragmatic and innovative approach.

Cognitive management

We help senior management teams to play their full role as cognitive architects, which involves disseminating benchmarks, practices and values that ensure long-term structural coherence.

Daring to manage in new ways

  • Become tuners of talent
  • Take the appreciative approach to put the thrill back into work
  • Pass on skills
  • Get a new perspective on the criticality of your core businesses
  • Safeguard the art of doing business
  • Train your in-house trainers


It’s actually much more than a management issue; it’s about effective day-to-day guidance of skills.

Mission-Activities-Interaction map

We have designed a new dynamic and modular approach to job descriptions. It’s all about updating real work.

  • Take a look at real work
  • Make your job descriptions dynamic and modular

Job and skills forecasting management

We have built and tested a simple, realistic job and skills forecasting management system based on five strong and structurally important priorities.

  • Build a human relations architecture
  • Embrace knowledge management

Knowledge transmission

We support you in safeguarding your core businesses and passing on the key knowledge needed for their continuity.

  • Identify your experts
  • Analyse job and mission criticality
  • Map the skills of your experts
  • Implement knowledge transmission engineering